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    Cod MW cheat review

    The cheat overall is pretty good

    AImbot- the aimbot is the worst thing about the cheat however. It works but that's all, don't bother aiming at windows because the aimbot does not lock on. Don't get closer than 5 meters because of the aimbot won't lock on. The aimbot is not the worst but something your paying for it is pretty bad its a 5/10 at most. The aimbot is very situational if you're not doing something a certain way don't count on it. 5/10

    ESP - the esp is really good it hs a nice radar to tell you who's close to you and where to look. The esp has a lot of functionality just like a normal esp should with the added functionality of a 2d radar esp. It also has a nice warning system I don't see often in cheats it tells you when someone is aiming at you or looking in your direction. Nothing really bad to say about it the esp is a 10/10

    Misc - Everything else like the option to change colors or crosshair size is very nice and not often seen in cheats. usually you're stuck with a very default look with no option but this one gives you a lot of options to choose from and keys to set. 10/10

    Overall the cheat is pretty good and hard to get banned with. The only real problem is that the aimbot is somewhat unpredictable and hard to rely on in many situations. overall the cheat is a 7/10
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    Thanks for your review! Enjoy the subscription!
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