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    Modern Warfare 2019

    Alright here's the review, I am only covering the few main features of this cheat, been a customer for SYSTEMCHEATS for years & they never fail.


    I'd give the Aimbot a good 9/10 (You can actually win a fight using a pistol with the Aimbot)

    Great Points - Perfect customisation whether that's aim smoothing, prediction or where you actually want the Aimbot to lock onto! It actually also works unlike a lot of other Aimbots out there. Able to choose how strong you want the Aimbot or even make it aim assist instead. You can choose if you want the Aimbot to lock onto the closest person to you or who ever is in your set field of view.

    Things to improve or add - First of all not all shots hit but this is obviously because of bullet drop & recoil etc. No recoil or reduced recoil could greatly improve this Aimbot to make it a lot more accurate when using.

    Silent aim or magic bullet would be a great thing to also add (Only if possible) & also Aimbot will not lock on to players between the railings on stairs or through the leaves on trees (I'f i have it set up wrong then just ignore)


    This ESP get a solid 10/10, you have a problem winning the Gulag? well now you don't! The amount of times i have killed someone in the Gulag & you hear them scream or smash their keyboard is like music to my ears. This ESP never fails you one bit!

    Great Points - Full customisation e.g Distance, name, 2D & 3D boxes, colour of the box, head dot, item ESP & many more! Guaranteed Gulag winner or your money back (Won't actually get your money back so just us the Aimbot to guarantee your win)

    Things to improve or add - Nothing, ESP works without fail on every aspect & is extremely accurate ( Doesn't lag behind the player while hes running or moving fast)

    Other Features

    These are some of the features that i rarely use but there are many of them

    Colour settings - Choose colours of your choice for your ESP.

    2D radar - Like a permanent mini map just for you.

    Trigger bot - Automatically shoots for you.

    Warning system - When other players can see you / are aiming at you.

    Keys - Set your own keys for aiming, panic key, trigger key & menu key (probably missed some)

    Misc (Draw health, watermark crosshair etc)

    Overall the menu has more than enough options to satisfy your needs, would highly recommend for the best possible experience. Not just on MW but all other games aswell!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review & apologies if i missed features out. Good luck & have fun!

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