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    Review for SKILL Special Force 2 Cheat

    I think that Systemcheats (or hacks coded from SystemFiles) have better aimbot and triggerbot than all other cheats I have tried. I have seen no other cheat, where the aimbot can be customizes so well, that you can play totally legit (this is possible cause you can play with recoil AND aimbot, thanks to Silent Aim). Furthermore the Misc. features are amazing. No recoil, no spread [well I still don't know why the weapon looses it's recoil, if you switch ONLY No Spread on and NOT No recoil). However it doesn`t really matter. The last feature (super Bullet) is also amazing. You can use it for raging, but if you are careful you can also use it in a legit way (e.g. on Maps with lots of concret (e.g. Dam). If you have a machinegun you can penetrate it anyway but you don't need so many bullets.......
    Last but not least I have to say that there are no bugs at all (since Silent Aim exists). You can switch a cheat feature on and off and it promptly reacts. (there are other cheats who have the option No Recoil, but if you switch it off there is still no recoil until the game ends ........)
    Ans detected cheats are always fixed very fast.
    So I have to say thank you to SystemCheats and the coder

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    Thanks for this review

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