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    What constitues what games get accepted/rejected

    Hey all

    I'm pretty new to PC gaming and even more-so using hacks. I was just wondering, for my own curiosity, how do you decide which games you will develop cheats for and which ones you won't?

    The reason I ask is because I play gears 4/5 the most, and I saw that they were on the rejected list of requested games here and that many places are reluctant to offer cheats for these games. Is it the anti-cheat used? Is it because the game has too small a base of users? Just a lack of interest in that game from the devs?

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    If the game has pretty low base of users, that's not worth of time anyways....
    Some things like anti-cheats, or a game type can also affect the decision.
    Some of the games have all requirements, but during a lack of time they are under consideration....

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    From reading the replies on some of the rejected games, I believe their decision is based on player base, the anti-cheat used and the type of game. Games utilizing EAC/BE won't be accepted. Games with too small of a player base will also be rejected. They mostly develop multiplayer shooter type games.

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