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    Talking Hey all, hope you're doing well and safe

    I'm Arashu, 23 years old. Started with gettin' into cheats somewhere around the Combat Arms era. I'm atm trying to learn C, C++, C# and Java as part of working home and self education, because I'm busy with that and other life things, I don't have the time to invest serious in games most of the time. Mainly use aimbot only.

    I have had some uncomfortable experiences in the past with other providers. Some just don't care, others don't provide a well thought customer service or even scam people. I've been quite cautious to start here but it seems the owners, admins and moderators do care about the forum, customers and have a good well thought policy.

    You guys even make some hard decisions on whether to continue providing cheats for games that have heavy anti-cheats like EAC or just discontinue it for the safety of the customers. I like that. It takes some balls (sorry English is not main language) to do something like that.

    So I'm glad to be here.

    Hope you have a nice day.


    P.s the Quarantine Sale is a nice addition.
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    Welcome to SystemCheats.
    Enjoy your staying here.

    SystemCheats Staff
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