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    Review of Prem Package

    Hi all just a quick review of the prem package.

    first off would like to say thankyou to the staff and ppl on the site for the help and valuable info in the forums.

    1. the prem package itself is awesome amazing list of games.
    2. the cheat is easy to use and runs perfect ( did find Discord had to be closed in order to inject correct )
    3. the help and info on all aspects of using the cheat was made very clear and the support is outstanding
    4. the features within the cheat are extensive and very easy to configure.
    5. i have had no issues when using it and mostly used the ESP / Radar .

    As stated many times if you go apeshit or make yourself blatant you risk the chance of being reported etc etc. just be smart and you will be fine i have no one even suspect i was using it , i found great setting to use in a forum post on this site.

    just about to renew my sub again.

    thank you and take care of yourselves during these trying times..

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    Thank you very much for the review.
    Glad to hear you like it and hope to see you soon again!
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