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    Somethin for SystemFiles to answer

    Hey SystemFiles

    i have a question for you and i would appreciate if you could answer me on this

    first of i apologize for my bad english it's not my native language but here we go.

    so i have recently been looking for a coder who can code some private stuff for me i tried freelance etc. but these indian ppl dont know what i want they really dont understand anything so i gave up this way...
    then i have been looking on all cheat providers i know and i know alot.

    Systemfiles i would like you to be my private coder if you are up for this
    i have a few games i want somethin for and i dont know how you would prefer payment etc.

    i was thinking i paid through bitcoin or somethin

    and i want you to decide if it should be 1 big payment or payment for every cheat

    and yes i know it's gonna be $1000+ if not even $10.000+

    i would like to discuss if possible in a bit more private

    hope u will be up for this task


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