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    My Review

    Hello! My name is Vice, I've purchased a month subscription last week and have been using the cheats/hacks/etc. every day since, and I'd like to share my thoughts on the Premium Package and it's contents.

    The Value
    The premium pack runs ~$37, and has about 45 different cheats for some of the most popular games (this list can be found on the Live Cheat Status page so I won't be posting them here). I've been using the CoD:MW and CoD:WW2 cheats consistently, not having many of the other games, or feeling that some of them really shouldn't be supported (older titles that are probably dead or close it it). In my opinion, I feel like the amount of popular titles is lacking, but there are still some really good ones I've yet to try.

    Verdict: 4/5, the available games have a ton of value.

    It really should be a 5/5, have you seen other MW hacks right now? they are outrageously overpriced for what you get.

    The Experience
    The cheats work flawlessly, and are incredibly customizable for any situation that you could want. Rage hacking is completely available, as is closet/legit cheating, it's all rolled into a well organized and intuitive UI that has some miscellaneous features as well (a real time clock for those wondering what hour it is during late night sessions, an FPS counter, and other small tweaks to make it more lively. I don't have much more to say on this, it's so well put together.

    Verdict: 5/5

    The Service
    I will admit that I've been lurking the forums for some time, and I did buy the 1 day pack to see if any CoD cheats were in the pack but was disappointed when i didn't see any, but that's no fault of Systemcheats, that would be me not paying attention. Since then, I've not really been online to see other cases of customer support but I did have my own case which is what I'll be basing my review of here. I had run into a problem with the cheats just not injecting or maybe they injected but I was unable to open the menu. After I posted about the problem, I was quickly intercepted and walked through what the problem could be, which the problem was Discord, so it was easy and I was off to the races.

    Verdict: 5/5

    The Conclusion
    Overall, Systemcheats has the best cheats/hacks that I've had the pleasure of using in a very long time. I feel that it is totally worth the money to pick up the premium pack, as it has more value than you'll find out in the wild, with cheats that aren't detected, that are always up, and that keep you ahead of the curve. If you weren't sure before, I hope that this review will help settle any doubts, and help you make a decision on purchasing.

    Final Verdict of Systemcheats: 5/5
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    Hey Vice,

    Thank you very much for the kind words and for taking the time to write such a wonderful review with so many explanatory situations.
    We really appreciate it and glad you enjoy the product/community.
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