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    Hey everyone,

    Here is the current situation.. We got over 40 resellers PMs in the past couple of days. Which is really fucking ridiculous at this point and we're tired to say no to every single one.
    So here our official statement, we are NOT looking for any resellers and anyone that will be found selling/reselling our cheat without our permission will be fully banned and if any customers found related to that reseller will be also banned.

    The only official authorized resellers we have are:

    Banek192 - (Russian, International Market)
    Void - (International Market)
    BySaBo - (Turkish Market)

    However, some of them have other sites that they work on and for, so it's always good to verify what you buy and from who you buy before you purchase any product online.
    Now, If anyone will PM any of the staff about being a reseller, how to be a reseller or where to be a reseller, you will be banned without any warnings. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have to offer, we don't care.
    We have our payment options and our resellers, we're happy the way it is.

    Anyone who bought Premium Package over 40 USD is basically being scammed.
    Use your brain people. Don't add random people on discord. If you want the official price without any chances of being scammed, look above and contact our official resellers directly.
    If you got scammed, feel free to report about it through a private message to @Psychopath or @Injected.

    SystemCheats Staff
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