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    Previously used raging for 3-4 months before getting banned on a well known AAA title

    Bought again for access to the beta section recently and again not disappointed

    AIM: 8/10 perfect for close/mid range. very customisable, can use as an assist or let it do everything for you (not recommended) also hits people in vehicles. / current lack of velocity prediction makes super long range shots hard but not impossible and in certain games foliage can break the visible check stopping the aim from working

    ESP: 8/10 very customisable, got everything you will need, adjustable alpha helps to stop screen spam. / on some games foliage breaks the visible check, mostly covered enemies will also

    VALUE: 10/10 access to a long list of cheats for a whole month, for a little over the price some places ask for only 24hr access. only issues experienced throughout months of use are the ones mentioned above and both can be worked around with user input

    trigger works amazingly well and is also very customisable to work with many weapons, haven't used radar much but it definitely works

    thank you!
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