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    Sea Of Thieves Review

    I have used this cheat for a few months because cheating is fun so here's my review. I will only review the features I have actually used



    works flawlessly, the only time you'll actually miss a bullet is if it doesn't register, the aimbot will also lead the bullet for you, This feature I have not seen with other providers. can aim on player, ships, wildlife and skeletons.


    This might not be the cheat however the "Visibility Check" does not work on boats let me explain, if you have Visibility Check on the aimbot will still lock onto someone through walls on ships, but it works everywhere else. like I said it might be down to the game itself not recognizing ship as solid objects (correct me if i'm wrong ples).


    alot of useful features like player health, weapon they're holding, and what item they are holding, (so if someones carry an Athena aye you already know you have the info ) distance, chest, skulls, and items You're able to filter items for example if you don;t want to see castaway chests you can add that to the blacklist and it won't display that item, you're able to add the max of 50 items which IMO that is more than enough.

    the wildlife ESP is very good displays names on pigs snakes etc etc so if you need to find a specific animal that is very easy, and again you're able to blacklist animals you don't want to be displayed


    panic button - is a good feature if you need to disable the cheat fast temporarily this might be a me problem but you seem to have to press the panic key a few times for it to respond this also goes for the same with the key that opens the cheat UI.

    have you been banned yet? - yes, i have however that is my fault because I cheat for fun and to make people salty so I am super obvious so I get manually banned, not a single account has the actual Xbox account been banned I have just been banned from the game, so the cheat isn't actually detected by Microsofts 'anti-cheat' I have an account that I play with "legit" settings and that isn't banned.

    I have used other cheats (which i won't mention) which had bugs with esp, or would crash after a few hours... With this cheat there are no bugs that I have seen and if there are the developers are fast to fix them, no performance hit to your game and NEVER crashes so if you want a cheat for Sea Of Thieves I HIGHLY recommend and well worth the price...
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    Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate it.
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