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Thread: Legit and safe

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    Legit and safe

    Heres my review after roughly 5 days of using it.

    Being a cheater previously on other games like CS:GO I already knew what to expect from the cheat and it didnít disappoint.
    Right off the bat going to say that the cheat is amazing and in just roughly 5 days of playing with it I have already gotten my moneys worth by reaching lvl 55 and roughly 2.0 KDA. This is a perfect cheat for a player who wants to legit hack.

    Features: ESP, Aimbot and Minimap. I have fiddled around with all of them during my time of testing but quickly ditched the aimbot and minimap completely.
    Because the ESP alone is godly and enough for a game like call of duty. You dont need a precision aim like in CS:GO to win your gunfights so I donít need it. And not to mention the range on this ESP is insane. 10/10
    The aimbot is fairly clunky and obvious and is also one of the reason why I ditched it so early. 5/10 Does the job, you win more gun fights but is fairly obvious.
    The Minimap just isnít necessary for me when the ESP alone is so good and iím a decent player at hiding my walls. 10/10 Works perfectly but not necessary for me.

    Setup and buying: Setup is very easy and super easy to understand. Solid work on the instructions. Havenít had a single issue yet. 10/10.
    Buying the cheat is super simple, specially if you are already in the crypto business and have the required accounts. You get access to the cheat instantly if you donít screw anything up. 10/10.

    Support: Support on this cheat is amazing and seems to have multiple people actively helping people out on the forums. You usually get an answer to any questions within the hour or minutes. Cheat is actively patched to work on new updates asap. New features seem to be getting added aswell. 10/10

    Stability: On the first days I had frame rate issues that couldnít be solved by any means but it was still playable, even tho under 60 fps. I quickly fixed this issue by switching from Windowed fullscreen to just Fullscreen. I was swiftly back at 120+ FPS. The cheat never crashed on an unexpected way during my play testing.

    Suggestions: ESP is lacking some core features present in other games E.G opacity. Also a player like me who only needs the ESP it would be amazing to see an option to buy just the ESP in the future.

    Conclusion: Great cheat for legit hacking if you donít use aimbot. The price is justified and you will get your moneys worth. Uptime on the cheat is great as the developers are actively patching and updating the cheat the moment a new patch comes in. Should you run in any trouble the support team will always help you out. Despite my dislike for the aimbot iím giving the cheat a full 10/10 as it matches all my needs perfectly fine.
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    Thanks a lot for your review.

    We really appreciate it.
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