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    Borderlands 3 Review.

    Aimbot :

    The aimbot is nice but on a lot of enemies it just snaps straight to the middle of the body which i can say might just be the fact its not programmed into the aimbot for all enemies criticals cause that would take forever. It is nice in a lot of scenarios but i find it useless on a lot more.


    There are about 3 usefull things in here... dmg/godmode/ammo there could be a tons more. Skill points/guardian rank/gun rank modifier.... Plenty of options that can be done with cheat engine or other means.

    overall :

    I think the esp needs to flat out disabled for me to play since there are tons of enemies in borderlands. I like not having to aim at some things but its more of a crutch than a plus. The cheat could use a few additions and stuff to make it much more worth it. IMO needs more work done to it but for now it is mediocre.
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    Thanks for your review.

    For the Aimbot, currently you will have to switch the aimbone manualy depending of the enemies criticals.

    If you have suggestions for miscs and other features, please post them here and we will consider them:
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