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    I must say, if used correctly, these cheats work great. Semi-rage/legit play for a month. No detection, no problems. My bro got my first BO4 account banned bec he straight raged lol. But to keep it short and sweet. These guys are the way to go. Follow the rules and you'll be cheating for a very long time as long as the staff keep everything up to date. I appreciate you guys and i got lucky finding you bec of this guy on facebook. Thought it was fraud but to find out. Shit was 2 legit 2 quit lmao

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    Thank you very much, we really appreciate it!
    That's the reality that everybody need to accept, if you want to play with cheats for the long run, especially for a game such as bo4, you just have to do it right and keep it low key. As long as you got it under control and avoid showing everybody that you cheat, you're golden for a while.
    I am very happy to hear that you figured it out and enjoying our product

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