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    Sea Of Thieves Review

    SystemCheats Sea Of Thieves Review

    So far my experience with the Sea Of Thieves cheat has been phenomenal and definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about purchasing it. The amazing and easy to use software, non-bullshit cheat setup, amazing support, and amazing prices is just outstanding.

    The aimbot is great. Having players constantly be moved around with the waves while in the water/on a boat, along with yourself. It still manages to hit them, giving you an amazing advantage over other players. Fell off a ship while attempting to board and got left behind in the water? Time it right and you can still hit stupid shots with the aimbot. Having used 1-2 other providers, SystemCheats definitely takes the cake for this one.

    The ESP/3D Radar is by far the best feature about this cheat. It has a very simple and easy to understand feel about it(Though I was a bit confused on what a 3D radar was...) I was pretty happy with the amount of customization that comes with it. Whether you wish to look for enemy ships or find some amazing gems and treasure, this ESP can do it all. Worried about your FPS dropping? For me, not so much. But for my friend, this was a major issue, his PC isn't the greatest but was able to play using the exact same config I was using, with only 4-5 FPS lower than what he normally would get. So kudos on the devs for that one! Though I wish the render distance for ships on the ESP could be improved. Doesn't seem likely since all providers seem to hit the same max distance when it comes to rendering.

    The Misc. Features were something I didn't really use, EXCEPT for one thing. The health bar. The default in-game health bar isn't the greatest and often times pretty inaccurate with scaling. Though the Health Bar feature within the misc settings of the cheat actually surprised me. You have a 0-100 bar which tells you what exactly what you need to know, and has provided useful in many situations.

    Overall, the Sea Of Thieves cheat is great. I wish I used other features I could include them in this review but I simply just didn't use them. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good cheat.
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    Thank you for this awesome review!
    Very happy to hear that you enjoy our Sea of Thieves cheat
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