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    Sea of Thieves Hi, I'm new and loving it.

    Hi, I'm new here,
    I'm using the system cheats for Battlefield games mainly.
    I'm loving it!

    Although, I never did it before, so I wonder:
    Are there features/habits I should make use to prevent detection?

    Like always use a VPN?
    Just use it a certain amount of times per day?

    Or even keep stats, kdr, or anything in-game by a specific margin to prevent any risks?

    I heard that Fairfight, ban people based on stats and reports mainly, not framing your end of the software, but I might be wrong.

    Anything to help related to that might very be helpful for me since I pretty green on this field!

    So far I'm not even aimboting to prevent reports, just using the maps.

    Thank you for the great software,
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    What you heard about Fairfight is true it's a stat based anti cheat that also monitors your gameplay, therefore we always tell our customers to be careful when cheating in a game that has it. you don't have to use VPN it won't help you out too much in a detection case. Just don't go far off from what a normal human being can achieve Glad you are loving the cheat have fun!
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