Hello Systemcheats community

after having the most viewed post in feedback/suggestions "what could make systemcheats better"

i noticed that thing actually have changed

still i see most of the games havent got aimbot and probably never will

but i like the fact that the recent cheats you have made actually came with systembot! just as it should be i personally think it's the way to go as you give custommers an option to do what they want

if they want to play "legit" they can if they wanna "rage" they can it's nice!

i hope you keep doing this for upcomming cheats

and i freakin love the support on here!

u post a feature request or bug it gets taken care off!

anyway here is a new Idea.

maybe a point system could be introduced?
what i mean by this is the custommers get to be part of decide what games we need cheats for

you buy a package u get a certain amount of points you can use to vote with
you buy premium package you get the most points

Keep it up tho!