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    Sea of Theives Review

    This review is based off one month of use. I'll try my best to be honest with everything and also mention what I clearly don't like about the cheat, as there is some things that are not perfect. This review is work in progress, I'm going to update it as I go, expect frequent edits.

    I've tried 2 different other providers (one was cheaper and the other was more expensive - also have extensively searched for other SoT providers, though the ones I found didn't have any notable features or reasoning for buying), I found that SystemCheats hands down has the best features for Sea of Thieves and has made me want to come back to use it.

    Aimbot 7/10
    + Option to select specific bones (chest is the best)
    + Accuracy is pretty good when target isn't moving much, I found it misses a lot at longer range(200m) and also when the player is jumping around like a mad man.
    + Has the most configurable options of any cheat I used.
    + Has smoothing, which makes your aim look more legit instead of just snapping onto people. I recommend setting it from 2 to 5, anything higher degrades the level of accuracy.
    + Bullet drop prediction works great for eye of reach.
    - Bullet drop prediction doesn't work properly with the flintlock.
    - Cannon aimbot doesn't aim for lower decks of a ship.
    - Cannon aimbot will shoot your cannon directly in the air some times, making your aim look incredibly suspicious if someone is watching you. I do not recommend using.
    - Auto Fire has never worked.
    Aimbot Menu Appearance:

    Triggerbot 0/10
    - Hasn't worked in months. Would be useful in close quarter battles where you can peek corners if you want to play more legit like without the aimbot, otherwise pretty pointless if you intend to use aimbot, should just remove it entirely if there is no plans to fix it soon.
    Triggerbot Menu Appearance:

    ESP 5/10
    + Shows pretty much everything you need: ammoboxes, barrels, ships, loot, events, players, 2d radars
    + Warnings for if you're getting aimed at or if a player is visible.
    - Events/Thrones/Mermaids/Loot do not have distance counter attached to the tag like players and ships.
    - Loot is not colored by rarity, there is a free cheat on UC that has better view for items.
    - Loot is split up into multiple options, it's clunky and confusing to enable/disable, would be better if it was all in one setting (bounty/treasure/merchant/item).
    = No outpost/island ESP
    ESP Menu Appearance:

    MISC 5/10
    = I do not recommend using the Fast Cannon Movement as it is incredibly blatant and easy to detect.
    Misc Menu Appearance:

    CHEAT + LOADER 8/10
    + Works as intended. Comes with automatic login and cheat loading (automatically injects last cheat), basically just run the exe and you're set.
    + Comes with 3 free cheats: Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Titanfall (old games, but worth mentioning).
    + Fast updates, check image:
    - Edit 1: FPS Drops, go down from 80-100 (no cheat) to 30-50 (with cheat), could be a bug of some sorts. It is playable, though I found it can some times drop down to even below 30 FPS which turns the game into a slide show. Staff are aware of issue in support forum, I'll edit this if it gets resolved. They fixed it. — Edit 2: FPS problems are back again. Fixed again.
    = Flagged as a virus by anti-viruses.
    = Logs your system information (HWID, IP, maybe other info), HWID and IP I know is used to help them combat abuse since you're allowed to run their cheats on one computer at a time.
    Loader Appearance:

    BANS 3/10 - Risky
    People always ask about detection rates and if you can get banned for using this cheat, here is what I found...
    = Sea of Thieves bans in waves, meaning you won't get banned instantly so you won't know what is detected or not.
    - I've had two different accounts banned while using SystemCheats. Both accounts were pirate legends, I don't recommend cheating at all on your main. Use an alt account.
    = I believe the game uses some sort of flagging and stats based system based on how you play. I do not recommend shooting people through ship walls, using fast cannon fire, going straight for loot or going for loot that is under water(these items are next to impossible to find as a normal user and really I think this is one way they can detect and flag you).
    = People can report and record you, including your own crew mates(don't trust anyone). Know that there is people who will take the time to send a report to Rare, as the developers do take cheating very seriously and have proven that.
    = No one knows exactly what anti-cheat measures the game or the developers use, by default just injecting any cheat is undetected, but how you play and use the features the cheat offers can be detectable. If you want to cheat in any game, always expect to be banned eventually or do not cheat at all.

    Support 7/10
    + Staff seem responsive and active on the forums from what I can tell.
    + SerimArda is a great dude. I go through him to gain access to the SoT cheat as the payment options the website has doesn't work at all with my credit card. He's really quick at responding to PM's, even activated my subscription while on vacation within a few hours of contacting.
    - I've had a poor experience with another staff member who made me feel unwelcomed here, not going to single them out.

    Suggestions for Staff:
    Post somewhere in the Sea of Thieves forum explaining each and every option/feature in the cheat and label the ones where they could be seen as suspicious or risky to use, such as the Fast Cannon Movement for example. Could also give some useful tips/pointers for avoiding detection or getting reported by other players. Perhaps you could get the community to help suggest things that you could edit into a main thread somewhere to help new and existing users.

    Add hotkeys for switching between profiles, would be very useful to do that on the fly without pulling up the menu.

    Add scrollbar to your cheat menus, resolution less than 1080 will have the ESP menu partially cut off and unusable, unless you drag it up off screen but you can't drag it back down
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    Does the bullet drop/movement prediction function work fine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarletblanks View Post
    Does the bullet drop/movement prediction function work fine?
    Yeah works great for the most part, best prediction of any cheat I've used. Cannon aimbot works good too but it's glitchy and I do not recommend using it over manual aiming. However the aimbot targeting npcs/players is fine, some times it will miss if other player is jumping and running around like a mad man. Can hit skeletons that are on island cannons and watch towers from your own ship at around 200m no problem.

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    Thank you for your review.

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    Hi @SystemFiles, I just joined SystemCheats today and subscribed for the Sea of Thieves cheat. Can I suggest you draw the outlines of the cannon shot so users can manually predict it?

    The cannon aimbot is indeed not very strong.

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    To request features, please check this thread out:

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