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    Post Official Discord Server

    The suggestion I'd like to make is for an official SystemCheats Discord. I'm currently aware that there is a Teamspeak but seeing how discord offers the same service for free and more people use than people who use Teamspeak roughly 320,000 people use Teamspeak a day compared to the 130 million registered users discord has. Discord will be able to not only be a place where staff can provide support but it also allows customers to talk over voice and text. With discord not relying on the user actually being in the server compared to Teamspeak where you have to actively be in a voice channel. Just as Teamspeak allows the admins to configure no poke rules discord allows you to control who can @ people or not or if you don't want to receive notifications for a particular server. With discord, integration ranks from the forums can automatically sync between the forums and the discord server this means users banned from the forums can also be auto banned from the discord. Discord is more secure and reliable then Teamspeak. With the ability for users to "appear offline" staff would be able to monitor the server if they so choose without other users knowledge.

    I did search to see if this had been suggested before I didn't see anything but if it has been rejected already my bad.

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    Unfortunately Scythe already told me that there won't be any sort of Official Discord.

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    As Yonas said, there won't be official Discord for SystemCheats users, as we do not need that crap in our lives! But i must say, that your feedback is mostly appreciated and thank you for trying to make things different than they are.
    But unfortunately, no Discord of SystemCheats.
    Either we're there for our Customer or we not, we dont need "Appear offline"
    I do understand your point of using discord, but there is some problems that only staff moderators can fix, and we don't wont our customers to get helped by random customers, it looks unprofessional.

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