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    BO4 Aimbot Review and Advise to other Customers to avoid detection from players

    New customer here I must say I bought the package almost exclusively for the black ops 4 aimbot and I must say this is a really good aimbot! The only advise I would give others is to make sure you up the settings a bit that make the gun so it does not snap too much straight to head. When I first started using it, it looked too suspicious with the default settings I played around with them a bit and was able to get the aimbot to look very natural and to sway somewhat with shots so it was not just going straight the player but would also sway a bit off them when they were moving and stuff that way they would not get suspicious or would have a really hard time saying for sure if I was aimbotting. I think the only way someone could get banned with this program is if they are abusing it and making it too obvious then it would not be the hacks fault they got banned, it would be because the player got reported for being to obvious with the cheat.

    On a side note something I found a bit funny with the cheat is that while using this cheat I could def tell who the other players using similar hacks was cause they had aim just like me so it came down to who push the auto aim key first kinda funny I would have never noticed without the aimbot who these people actually were lol!

    Definitely a good aimbot I give it a 10/10 review and this tool can only get better with production. My only hope is that it really is undetectable and that I don't get banned in a week or two, I know sometimes people think a hack is undetectable only to be banned a month down the road, so I hope the devs here are being honest about it being undetectable as far as from the anti cheat scanning system files and things like that and that this thing stays updated. If a player gets banned because they got reported for abusing the hack and people noticed then that is their own fault for not being cautious.

    thanks for the nice nice aimbot was well worth the money.
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    Thanks for your kind review! We do really appreciate that.

    About the detection: No cheat is undetectable! There is always a risk of a cheat getting detected.
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