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    HumbleBundle - Arma 2018 Bundle

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, im sorry if my thread sounds like an advertisement or against the rules of our community. (which i dont think so) Okay so, listen here if you are really into saving some bucks and earning those bundles and games almost half of the price (and also get some blessing due the donations)...

    1. Click the link -> Humble Bundle - Arma 2018 Bundle(Say, I love Ultimate)

    2. Click the green icon "GET THE BUNDLE"

    3. If you pay atleast 18 dollars, you will get the whole bundle (Arma 2-3 all the DLC's etc. You can just swipe the page and see what you can get.)

    4.If you complete the purchase, you will get the serial code(s) through your HumbleBundle account and through your e-mail.

    Have fun.
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