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    New Payment Methods

    Hey Guys,
    i have a Idea for The Payment

    in Privat servers for example "Metin2" i can pay with "Amazon Giftcards".
    Is there any Chance to get that for Systemcheats ?

    The Users donīt must wait then for a Moderator for paying Cheats with it.
    Both Sides, the Customers and the Mods may have Advantage.

    My 2. Question is the Automatically Payment for Cheats. like there is an option you click on that Cheat you want and how long, then it appears a window or you will redirect to the site .. then you write the Payment method, Like "Paysafecard" or "Amazon Giftcard" in this option and write down the Code.

    Itīs easier to you and to us, the Customers,
    The Customer can buy the Cheat even in the Night, when nobody is online and the Mods have now more free time and you can use the free time for other important things.

    Think about it please, ..

    Thank you


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    What we have right now:

    - paypal
    - bitcoin
    - stripe
    - and paysafe via SerimArda and other methods:!

    I don't really understand the second question but that's not up to us, each company has its own way to do the payment process ( like paypal). Related to paysafe , if i'm not wrong they don't accept anymore cheat providers so this may be the reason , again if i'm right.

    However for new payment methods the admins will may take a look for more if possible and interested (nothing guaranteed).
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    Admin planned it but decided it was inefficient.
    You should also know that, do not think we are the same as game producers.
    If you don't want to wait moderators for paysafecard, there are 3 other methods.
    You can use Paypal, Stripe and another new payment method (you can buy via Webmoney, Yandex dengi and many more.)

    Thank you for thinking of the moderators but we can think of our own free time.

    You have come to ask ETA for Crossfire EU, not for Paysafecard!
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    Pay using PayPal, PaySafeCard and many other payment options. CLICK HERE

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    Thanks to most of the "bots" shenanigans that happened for the past year or so, it's not easy as it may look to get approved by them.
    Most of the payment gateways have changed their policy due to the bot chaos that happened not long ago.. Blizzard and Riot Games suitcases affected lots of payment gateways staying away from bots/cheats/hacks. So it's not in our control..

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
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