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Thread: GTA V Review

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    GTA V Review

    First of all i want to say that, in general, this is a very good cheat. Many functions, and it is also good to seem legit. An example? I played for 2 years on S.K.I.L.L and i've never received a ban.
    The entire forum has a very good organization. The staffers are always gentle and prepared
    However i want to say something about the cheat for GTA V.
    It has just a few- little problems, of wich i would like to debate.
    I know that they probably are problems of the game configuration, but i just want to be clear.
    For example: If you use aimbot and you start a job, you must write everytime the name of your teammates in the bot's friend list.
    Or when there is a NPC that helps you in a mission (Trevor job) the NPC is called, obviously, "NPC" like the other enemies NPC.
    So if you write NPC in the friend list aimbot will not select enemies, and if you don't write, aimbot will select the friendly NPC.
    For the rest, Systemcheats, it's one the best cheat, or better, one of the best community that i've ever partrcipated

    (Sorry for the possible grammatical and lexical errors)
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    Thank you for the review, Im glad you enjoy the Skill cheat.

    About the GTA V, you can simply save the setting if you do heists with the same people, otherwise yes you will need to have to write their names every time, there is nothing we can do about it.

    About the "NPC" problem, out cheat was designed for multiplayer, and it's the games fault that it is named NPC for friendly or not, so there is no fix.
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    Hello RafaelBattimelli,

    I appreciate you taking your time to write a review.
    I do agree on what you said. We are aware of these issues and we do plan to fix them eventually. It's been really tough with so many things getting in a way. SystemFiles never really had much time to get it all sorted.
    However, I am not losing any hope in SystemFiles, he said he will take a look at some of the things you mentioned and will try to get them sorted out eventually.
    We are aware that our GTA V cheat is buggy in it's way, but most importantly and I'm sure you will agree with me, is the security. He did everything he could to protect his cheat from any sort of detection which so far never happened from the release.
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