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Thread: PayPal payments

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    Angry PayPal payments

    Hello SystemCheats people, I have a little problem. Two guys asked me to level up their accounts in GTA 5 Online, I told them its 5$ for 200+ levels, now one guy opened a payment refund dispute and he got more than 200+ levels from me. Is there any way to protect my payments from those kind of monkeys? I was fair when they gived me their GTA 5 account details so I can level up their character, now he want his 5$ money back. I hope that I can somehow protect my money, how can I prove it to PayPal?... I hate those kind of people.

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    Make them send the money as a gift/family or use bitcoin. Otherwise, any other payment system is easy to fool, so don't even bother with PayPal when it comes to this type of "business" PayPal will protect the buyer, not the seller in most cases.
    Besides that.. I understand it's in off topic, but you will find more answers on google than asking it on a cheating site I hope that makes sense to you and no harsh feelings.
    Good luck fighting with the assholes tho.

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