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    one day trial review

    i tried one day trial and it work perfectly. I only tried dead by daylight and the division and it work like charm dude UNDETECTED! Helped my grinding faster and easier.
    I plan on purchasing full package for 1 month because this product was really really good and i will wait for the friday 13th game hack to come out soon and i will be happy to purchase this hack again :biggrin:
    My only complain is the support at teamspeak. When i try go to teamspeak support, there were empty room with no support.
    But for this hack i give it 9/10, undetected and FUN! Thanks for the hack

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    I'm glad to hear this. Thanks a lot.
    For Friday the 13th: The Game you need to be patient.
    We are try to be online on TS3 all time but its not very easy. But you can sent PM to us freely.
    Why did you break our point
    Anyway we are happy to see you again customer.
    Have a nice day
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    Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate it. Hopefully we're going to see you as a Full Package customer as you said!
    Glad you're enjoying being here, and that you like our cheat!
    About teamspeak support, we are not sitting in support channel 24/7, but sometimes we are in the Staff Channel. You can poke any moderator and he will come and help you out!
    Support room on teamspeak says: "Poke for support"


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