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    looking for a cheat recommendation

    I mainly play pvp survival ffa games that involve long term goals and value.

    For example ark or rust, you build up a base, kill other people, hoard loot.... and then quit when it becomes meaningless.

    anyway I was wondering if there are other games out there like this, and if we have cheats for them.

    Also I'm kinda looking for a fun game where aim bot would be a big advantage, but without the haste of constantly buying 60 dollar accounts.

    I remember I would play bf4 and it was really fun, I would play with shotguns with slugs, and snipers with iron sights. However I'd get banned a lot. I think I lost 4-5 bf4 accounts before I gave up.

    Something in fair fight was really op for fighting cheaters. I wouldn't even headshot people, I'd more of aim for their neck. I think fairfight would just analyze your gameplay, and would ban you if you got super good all of a sudden.

    yet again i'd get a ban every 4 days on a brand new 60 dollar account.

    the problem is that, if there is a game that tons of people play, the anticheat is pretty good and your accounts don't last long.

    If the game is fun, but has a low player count, sure you can cheat, and you don't get banned, but most game modes are abandoned and you get bored fighting the same people and doing the same thing.

    Although I think bf4 would piss the **** out of me because some kids would just play like bots. It doesn't make any sense. I seem to pick this bone with all players from all games. People pick the most successful strategy, and they execute it for thousands of hours, being extremely predictable, obvious, and boring.

    In bf4, you'd have kids just take cover near a corner, and wait for people to run around a corner and shoot them. Sure I prefer to run and gun, and it's not my place to tell other people how to play, and maybe me cheating incentivizes me to have a more risky and rewarding gameplay experience, but I don't understand how these people have any fun. If something you are doing, can be perfectly executed by a robot or a script, you are doing "fun" wrong. If you constantly spawn, go over to cover and sit spying on a corner only shooting people that come around the corner, and you do this for thousands of hours, that's just insanity.

    Same thing happens in league. Everyone plays the same overpowered champions, builds the same most effective builds, that aren't even too "most effective", the builds are just the most powerful most popular builds. Usually when a game is popular, there are these people, whom are obsessed with mathematics and efficiency, that over analyze all the items in the game, and find the most powerful item combos, it's like "what's the highest damage possible to a squishy target 10 minutes in on a level 9 champion with 5000 gold" That doesn't exist for league. There are no best builds, pros just build stuff based on general consensus and feelings, and everyone else copies their builds

    Anyway so in league, everyone plays the most op champions, builds the main stream "most effective" builds, and plays like a ***** for 45 minutes, re-actively, waiting for the enemy to make an error, and try to win the game off it. It's the most boring, predictable, loathsome **** ever. A script or a bot can probably do everything these people do. There is nothing random, there is no risk, there is no fun. Farm and run away for 45 minutes and wait for the enemy to make a mistake. But I feel like that's the game itself's fault. It doesn't incentivize aggressive play. In fact, it incentivizes cowards. If you 1v1 kill a person, you get 300 gold. If you kill two people 2v1, you get 600 gold. If two people kill you, they get 450 gold? 150 gold spawns out of nowhere because they are too ***** or unskilled to manfight, and so the game rewards them for it? Everything about the mechanics of the game conditions you to be a vagina. People who don't like to play like a ***** quit because the game isn't fun. People who don't like to play like this, but don't want to quit, do actually play like this, but only so that they can have a fair chance. Then you have people that just play for 80 minutes and give up, because at the end of the day it's a contest of who is the most patient coward.

    Games are made for fun. If you aren't having fun, and there's 10 people raging their balls off and everyone is playing like a coward taking no risk and having no fun, I don't even know if they are playing a game anymore. That's like a self harm simulator at that point. I have a retarded friend who keeps playing league. The only fun he ever has in that game is when he ****s on someone else. That doesn't happen often but it's the only reason why he plays. I don't think fighting and winning against someone who is worse mechanically, or just stupider than you are is a rewarding experience. That should happen by default and it shouldn't make you feel good about yourself. League is ****ing stupid.

    Well since I'm raging my balls off mine as well talk about hearthstone, another mainstream game. What attracted me to hearthstone was the fact that there were thousands of cards, endless possibilities, hidden interactions, you could build your own deck and have fun with it and see where it takes you. Unfortunately, none of those selling points actually apply to the game itself.

    In reality everyone picks one of the three highest winrate decks and plays to win, not for fun. I see this pattern happen a lot in games that have "victory" or "defeat" on their screens. Like dark souls, hearthstone, league. Whenever there's a big fat "defeat" taunting people on their screen, they just lose all sense of integrity, and sacrifice all of their fun just to win more.

    note: roping, is when you run out of turn time, and your turn is about to end. So someone who is purposely roping, is sitting on their hands for 2 minutes, then taking their turn quickly in 10 seconds.
    An example of this would be roping every turn. If you rope every turn, you will probably win 5-10% more often, but you will have like 50% less wins an hour. Yet people do it. They will sit there, and have half an hour games, roping every single turn, just to win 5% more often. The 5% comes from the opponents just surrendering because they are tired of the roping, meanwhile a ton of other opponents sit though the roping because they want to win just as bad as the retarded degenerate that is roping every turn.

    So we used to have this with secret paladin, where the ladder was full of people who would just play out their cards brainlessly and just win.
    then we used to have pirate warrior, where people again, would just play their cards and go face and just win.
    Now we have rouge, where people just get a board of six 5/5s and go face.

    There's no decision making, there's no risk, there are no custom decks, there is no fun. Everyone is just grinding, for no ****ing reason. You don't get anything worthwhile for playing someone elses deck 100 hours a week against mirrors or other high winrate decks.

    but i guess in the end, the people doing all this ****ing stupid **** are having their own fun, in their own form. I guess my critique is, how the **** are these people so dumb. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergbot View Post
    You could maybe try DirtyBomb, I ain't played it that much, But i ain't ran into to many people that camp around all that hard.
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    Right, you can try dirty bomb or paladins, since they're free games.
    Go download those games, play a round or two in each, and you can decide after it which one you want to cheat in. Maybe in both
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