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    Thumbs up Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. Cheat review

    The csgo cheat is total bull**** compared to other csgo cheats i mean wheres the aimbot, bunnyhop, skinchanger and all the basics. And the gui oh lord you have to press Del few times before it opens the menu (yes i know i can change that)

    system cheats would get so much more customers if you would improve your csgo cheat .

    Here are some suggestions fo the csgo cheat
    -Skin Changer
    -More Visual stuff
    -Better gui/better looking gui
    -Aimbot. Like a very good aimbot etc. *******, ********* all that
    And so much more

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    You saw the list of features before you bought. I don't understand why you are surprised.

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    This is a review section and it is your right to express your opinion.

    However, there are a few things which have to be said.

    1.) It is not normal that you need to press the delete key several times until menu opens. Probably you have a problem with your hardware or other software interfering with the cheat.
    2.) You knew very well, what kind of features are provided by our CS:GO cheat. We sell EXACTLY what we advertise - not more and not less.
    At this point I am wondering why would you buy the cheat if the lack of features makes it bad for you (from your point of view).
    3.) Your requested features have already been requested (You can check the feature request list there:

    In order to be fair it should be mentioned that our cheat has never been detected since release (2013). Most of our customers buy our CS:GO cheat because of it`s safety.
    We also prefer to keep the cheat safe in the future than adding new features.

    Last but not least I would like to mention that your review cannot be considered as constructive criticism, it is rather the expression of an inappropriate behaviour since you definitely have a lack of respect.
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    It's like you didn't read the page before buying. I don't know why you're surprised that you got exactly what the site advertises.

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    When Purchasing Next Time Please READ Carefully of what you are buying. SystemRadar simple is Just ESP, SystemBot is Everything. Just pay attention. I personally love our features of our cheat
    Kind Regards

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    Like you, I was disappointed when I found out that this hack had no aim support. I bought it straight up because a friend recommended it. 2-3 days after purchase, I started to love it. I understand that the cheat only has ESP, it lessens if not, prevents any sort of ban in the future.

    Been using it for more than 2 months now, and WTF, I've been doing 1deags and AK 1 taps and AWP flicks. Sometimes I think that the cheat has some sort of hidden aim assist. But no, it's just making me better. When I go to Casual or DM with the cheat not loaded, I noticed that I improved a lot from using this. But on Competitive, of course it's always on. Hahahaha

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