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    Loader Customer Idea

    Hey. So I haven't been playing any video games recently and my subscription ran out and I ran your launcher not knowing what it is to check what the program was. When I ran the launcher It automatically logged me in and said not a customer please purchase a subscription. I had an idea. Why not automaticly redirect them to your site to the puchase link and automaticlly log them in. It can be a great way to sell and to help reoccuring customers repurchase their subscription.

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    Thank you for suggesting. But, if we do it the way you want meaning, force to customers to purchase subscription.
    It does no good i guess.
    But thanks anyway. I will notified admin's about your suggesting.
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    Appreciate the suggestion but, we definitely don't want to force anyone by opening the purchase page. We rather let people decide on their own if they want to purchase it or not..
    Since only customers are able to get the loader in the first place.. This means that they are already aware of how to get it.

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