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    New PC, opinions? also, RGB or white LEDs?

    Well I consider this a project as it took a while to lay out how I wanted everything.

    Opinions on the LEDs? should I go white/black or RGB/black from the pics below after the specs?

    I recently just finished building a new PC for workstation related projects such as websites/art/video editing.

    My old fx-6300 from AMD couldn't handle the workload but I made that PC in the intention to only game on it which it does just fine, but exporting videos is god awful on it.

    Old PC Specs
    CPU: AMD FX-6300
    Cooler: Corsair H110i GT
    RAM: 16GB 4x4GB, Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 1866
    MOBO: MSI Gaming 970
    GPU: 2x GTX 950 in SLI
    PSU: EVGA 650W Supernova
    Boot Drive: Samsung 850 EVO
    Game Drive:WD Black 4TB
    Media Drive: WD Blue 4TB
    Fans: Corsair SP/AF 120mm fans
    Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro M(Old version before current ones)

    New Pc Specs
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6800k OC'ed to 4GHz (Multiplier 40, Voltage = 1.250)
    Cooler: NZXT Kraken x52
    RAM: 16GB 4x4GB, Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 OC'ed to 3000
    MOBO: MSI Godlike Carbon
    GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW1 OC'ed to 2100MHz on dynamic mode(Self adjust but can max at 2100 when needed) +72 Vcore, power limit 112, +115 core clock, +370 mem clock.
    PSU: Corsair HX1000i
    Boot Drive:Samsung 850 EVO
    Game Drive: WD Black 4tb
    Media Drive: WD Blue 4tb
    Fans: Corsair SP/AF 120/140mm fans
    Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Mid tower, Satin Black

    My desk/monitors/peripherals in the pictures below havent changed, though i now have a Razer chroma orbweaver

    Pictures of old build:
    Pictures of new build:

    Peripherals if anyone is interested
    Monitors: 3x Acer H236HL bid Slim Bezel LCD (0.08inch bezel)
    Keyboard: Corsair k70 Brown keys, (buying a corsair k90 platinum at some point)
    Mouse: Razer Naga Hex(red), buying the naga hex v2 soon.
    Mousepad: Razer Firefly, love this thing smooth like butter for my mouse.
    Gamepad: Razer Orbweaver
    Headset: Just ordered Audio Technica MSR7's
    Microphone: Just ordered a Yeti Blue Black edition Mic
    Receiver: Denon AVR-1514 5.2 channel
    Center Channel: LG (unknown, bright highs, all its used for)
    Subwoofer: Polk Audio 12" Sub
    Floor standers: Technics (unknown model, sound great though)
    Rear speakers: Klipsch synergy b2 bookshelfs in black

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    Very nice build indeed.
    Definitely a case to show off the hardware..
    RGB does contain white or kind teal-white color so you can go with rgb and still stay neutral..
    I would rather just get the new ml140 pro white fans instead of an actual led strip they are way better than the sp fans and way more silent.

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    I was considering the ml140 but i like the non flashy black sp/af fans with white rings, looks mellow, the LED strip is more for ambient lighting
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    Well, then definitely go with RGB led strip because I know the cooler can do a lot of awesome things.
    In fact, you can combine your nzxt cooler with the nzxt hue+ that's an overkill, but hey... with that build, you definitely deserve it

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