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Thread: 3 Years Review

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    3 Years Review

    My fellow cheaters,

    i've been a customer for the last 3 years, ofc i checked a few other sites before i got here and fell in love with this awesome commuinty of dedicated team who keep this forum going.

    it's a little review that summarize what i think of the site and the team behind it.

    The Team

    Team of Experienced people,
    never saw anything like that, Fast responds, you guys always amaze me how there is no situation where there is no untreated issue/subject or there is no response that has not been answered.
    being fair with the customer, refunde if needed, answer all his questions, help him fix his problem even if it's on 1 on 1 on teamspeak and make him satisfied is your number 1 priority, all i can say about that is: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    Cheat package selection:

    Well organized clear selection of various cheats, discounts from time to time, Cheat Status, and etc, it's keep us the customers well informed about what happning each day which is GREAT

    The Loader
    Simple, Good looking, and easy to use(User Friendly).

    Cheat Detection

    Never got banned, My first time checking the CS:GO cheat while playing was awesome, after i read the rules and how to use the cheat to not look obvious while playing i had the time of my life.
    for 3 Years i played it and never got banned.(reached to global elite in no time)

    Which it's always funny when i see people writing "CSGO cheat is detected", and every time the team answer "you got banned for playing too obvious."(it's f***ing true take ur **** together and admit it)

    I know the team working hard to make the cheat undetected as possible so we can enjoy a High quality Cheat.

    Off topic

    Lately as we all seen some of the cheat were down because they needed update/were detected,
    i've notice the demand of the customers for an ETA, if you guys read the Rules above the shoutbox then u would know they can't give an ETA cause they wouldn't know when it's safe enough to use it.
    i'm pretty sure that from the background the team test and check it everyday how safe it to use, so the patience is the key cause in the end we get a high quality long range cheat to use and have fun with it, and i Respect and appreciate the hard work on it.

    Off topic

    My last package was 3 months pack and i enjoyed it every moment really recommended and i'll be sure to buy again.

    i'm pretty sure i forgot a few things that needed to be mention so i apologize fot that.

    My personal score for this site and team is 10/10

    Best regards AmstaF

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    Wow, thank you so much for the kind review!

    We really do value feedback, and don't hesitate to say if you think we can improve on something

    And do me a favor, get rid of that grey username quickly, you look better in pink :biggrin::biggrin:

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    Thank you for the awesome long term review!

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    Thanks for being a part of our community for such a long time.
    We appreciate the time you spent for making this awesome review and thank you for making this review
    Glad to see that we have long year satisfied customers around here


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    Thank you for your amazing review.

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    This amazing review legitimately made me drop a tear.
    I am very grateful to have people like you around and very happy to know we managed to satisfy your needs.
    We'll definitely keep it up thanks to awesome people like you!

    Kudos to you my friend! :kosta:
    We really appreciate the warm words and honesty.

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