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    Free 2 Play Review by EvoXKitsune

    Best out there, HERES WHY:
    Easy to use menu,
    All Features Working

    1. Aim Style Bone Scan = 10/10
    2. Aimbot - 20/10
    3. Aimbot Speed 10/10
    4. GUI Controls 10/10
    5. Radar Customization 10/10
    6. ESP is Awesome with 3D Boxes Included Snap Lines and Laser View ESP, All fully customizable by RGB Slider System: 10/10
    7. Possibilities for Legit Game play 10/10 You can definatly play legit if you set it up right guy!
    8. Trigger Bot All Around got a 10/10!
    9. Keybind(s) menu, this was nice having more control over what keys control your hack +1 10/10

    1. 9*10 = 90 Possible METAScore
    2. Hacks METAScore 100/90

    Since all the free 2 play hacks function just as well as its brother/sister game hack this is a Global Review for the Free 2 Play Package

    Tested on HAWKEN, ZMR, CF NA, Blacklight: Retribution, DB and APB: Reloaded,

    I hope you guys likes my Global Review of all the hacks in the FREE 2 Play Package, I know I left some out but I didn't get them all download in time but like I said all the hacks have almost all the same features.


    EvoX Kitsune
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    Haha, Thanks for the review!
    Appreciate it.

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    The "Little-BIG " Follow Up Review Regarding *Further* SystemCheats ..:::: HACKS & QUALITY SERVICES ::::..

    First off let me Start by saying,
    A I. In my lifetime of cheating I've paid exactly 595.00 USD for hacks not counting @SystemCheats
    A II. My first hack was back in Wolfenstein Enemy Terriory with ***** 3.46 as my first private hook for 75.00 Euro(s), the "pay-site" let this coder go and the only way member of his hook could get it was through ICQ Messanger if... he wasnt busy and was around to get you Your UserName_*****.RaR; after a while ***** stopped being supported even for the customers.
    A. III Then I paid 250.00 to a 'newer'' 'pay-site' for Lifetime .... In a nut-shell support here was bad only 1 Moderator was useful, the community had a ton of trolls and ****s in it, the quality of the coder's cheat was there-of lacking too (to put it very gently) and his business concepts of selling "Radar VIP Forums Access", "MultiHooks VIP Forums Access", and "Aimbot VIP Forums Access"; like I said rubbish....
    AIII. Next.. I was disappointed with the lifetime purchase of such a **** Cheat-Client even with 58 Games on the list! Waiting for ever was bad, bt this one take the cake! I waited for a while and bought Lifetime for yet another 250.00, And low and behold!! The Admin is only one 1-2 times a day Doesn't check the forums beside the Admin Control Panel and a few topics, when he does do an update "Woah! Every thing is fixed" ... according to the forums post of "said Admin" and then sure... 1 problem is fixed, but things as simple as "Visble Only Aim" doesn't work ant it still aims at people not visible, and the esp doesn't change colors if they are visible or not, it stay the same red for enemies green for friendlies, and has been this way for weeks, and a-lot of his other hacks are not having all the features fixed either... So Again Rubbish.... Lesson Learned!

    FINALE ((STAY WITH ME GUYS)): So I came here looking at first just at the ZMR Cheat, Had a few hiccups with my order, got my refunds because *I was a dip****** not SystemCheats ((bought 2 cheats when I could have got the whole Free 2 Play Package for the Same Price)) **Kudos to Our Two Awesome Admins for the Unbelievable fast Response and Even More Fast Fix when one of the Lead Admins was on Vacation** ::Again Big Hooah! to: @SystemFiles & @Psychopath::
    Like I Stated Above The Cheats are quality the Service beyond what I've had with my last 3 Cheat providers if these guys Open up lifetime a year or several down the road You BETTER GOD DAMN BELIEVE I'M BUYING LIFETIME, And if this sit close and they open another site, I'll follow them loayly even if it stays Subscription Based They have My lifetime of Support even if I gotta pay monthly hopefully down the road The same service could be returned but in all fairness they have already given their dues with this master-piece that is criminally known by our human language as "code" and not "art" but yet my friends compared to everything else I used, they are on in the same!

    BIG BIG BIG Cheers & ShoutOUT to my New Favoirte Cheat Provider: @SystemCheats
    & to The best damn Admins out of EVERY Cheating Community THESE GET RESULTS With their Code / Quality / Service / and Price / How can you Decline you'd be crazy to go through what I have and learn the hard way rather than take my ecstatic word!

    Hooked on SystemCheats Sunday, July 20 1014... Like Crazy person with a needle in his arm sitting in a mansion underneath the X-Mas Tree in Van Nuys
    Hope you ****ers like me your stuck with me now J/K J/k ... (( lol!! dont ban me for calling you ****ers ))
    Oh Snap See what you guys caused
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    Oh wow all colorful and shit.

    We appreciate the colorful review.

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