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    cheaters group discussion subsection in private cheat purchased forums

    So basically, I would really appreciate being able to discuss things and coordinate with other cheaters to maybe make tribes or work together, help each other or do whatever. Unfortunately anything like that would not fit in the current strands. The threads would need to be closed or moved into off topic section where no one relevant will see it.

    so when a customer makes a purchase, they get access to private, buyer only forums, labled as cheat & hack support. Unfortinatly this means all the content of these threads have to be directly about the functionality of the cheat, no chit chatting between buyers.

    I wish instead of it being called cheat and hack support, it would be called "Private forums and cheat support".

    So when you would click, in my example, ark, it would have a subforum in there, where ark cheat buyers could talk to ark cheat buyers, so that we may team up. All the forums about grouping up with people aren't really cheat specific, and that makes it really hard to reach the audience you want to talk to for a specific game.

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    It's already done a whilllleeee back
    Obviously only customers are able to access this page and of course it's not available to the public
    In fact, any thread at the "Cheat & Hack Support" is a private section only to customers.
    Only One Day Trial and Full Package are able to access all of it. But, if you got ARK sub then you will see only the ARK private section.
    So it's all already done

    PS. You are more than welcome to create a thread at the ARK customer's section and have a chit-chat.. It's not against the rules.

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    Keep in mind not to mention real account or clan names.
    Use PMs for this kind of sensitive information.
    If we see that you exchange account names or clan names we will delete/censor it for your own safety.

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