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    Post SystemCheats Exclusive Referral Program

    Hello members! If your sub is running out, you can't find any pennies on the floor, and you've checked between the cushions, all hope is not lost.

    For every new person that you refer to SystemCheats, you and that new person will get a week added onto a current hack subscription.

    In order to receive a free week of subscription time for both parties the referrer must post in the SystemCheats Exclusive VIP Referral Program forum.

    Please create a new thread and tell us the forum name of the friend that you referred. In order to be valid the person that was referred must also input the name of the referrer while creating his/her account.

    • If you have more than one active hack subscription you can only add a week onto one of your subscriptions, not all of them.

    • Both the referrer and the referee MUST have purchased VIP time already. You refer someone, they purchase time, you both get a week added.

    • This does not apply for 1 day trial subscriptions. Both VIPs must have bought a full 1, 3 or 6 month subscription.

    • You must both post within 3 days of the registration of the person that was referred to qualify for extra time.

    • There is no limit to how many people you can refer. however, they must be new subscribers who have not held a previous subscription. One user may only receive up to two weeks referral time.

    • In the event of any chargebacks, claims, or disputes from PayPal from the referral party, the referrer will lose any subscription time that was added.

    • Any abuse of this referral program can result in loss of added time and/or lost subscription.

    • We reserve the right to deny any time additions as we see fit.

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