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    The Division Cheat

    Even though i had it short time the division cheat was amazing.

    Personally i hate that game after i played it for a few days. With cheats getting ranked up fast with NPC farming it was easy to see how boring that game really is to me.

    So i tried to get banned. I killed at least 100+ dark zone players, teleported like a mad man, and used the shot multiplier to 5000 (instant kills). Basically i was rage hacking; getting called out left and right, being reported, and so on.

    I still have yet to be banned. My aim settings were strictly headshots and draining a LMG's clip within 1 second (100 Bullets).

    Im was intentionally trying to get banned and nothing worked...

    But this cheat must be so good that its code cant be detected. Only stat and reports will get you banned from what it looks like.

    Aimbot is spot on everything else is absolutely just as good.
    You cant intentionally get banned (unless you were reported 50 times).
    Esp has minor glitch when teleporting to fast.

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    I don't think I've ever seen someone go this hard for a ban. Props to you.

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    Thank you for your review!
    The cheat is undetected indeed, otherwise we would not sell it.
    Actually we are more interested in getting our customers not banned ... lol

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