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    Private Hack Request - SystemFiles / Psycho

    Hey, myself and 6 other people are looking for a private cheat for Combat Arms. "You've probably heard of it"
    Pretty basic cheat, Aimbot - ESP - Smooth Aim - FoV Settings from 1 - 50 - Auto Aim, Left Mouse, Right Mouse, Mouse 5 / 6.

    We are happy to spend decent money on this, as long as it stays safe.

    Combat Arms uses direct x 9, which is easy to make "recordable ESPs" so if you could add that as well we would pay more.

    Have a think about it, we're really in need of it. And like i said, we're happy to spend good money on it.

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    We do not produce and sell private cheats.
    This means, that your request is rejected.

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