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    Competitor comparison

    I used to play with **********, until their autoaim was broken, as it kept targeting friendly agents in DarkZone. Also their boxes ESP was broken for too long. Promises to fix it, but nothing happened.

    Then I tried ***********.com which is pure terror. They want you to remove all kinds of security in Windows so that they can modify the bootloader. Basically install a rootkit. No manuals, no nothing. I paid 15 euros and tried it for a couple of hours. Man oh man it was worthless. Uninstalled, 15 euro's and hours I'll never get back.

    Then I tried your cheat for The Division.

    I fell in love with it immediately. Easy installer. Best experience ever connecting/streaming the cheat into the game. Fantastic!
    The menu is also epic! So easy to understand and modify so many settings! And it just works. Flawlessly. At first I thought it was targeting mobs too far to my side, but obviously it's another setting that I can set to my likings! Beautiful!
    Also targeting friendly players in Darkzone is off, but in Survival PVP it's immediately on. Would love to be able to switch it easier. But then again, I'm so long in the Survival Queue, that I have enough time to switch it! Just in DarkZone I easily become Rogue again! ;-)

    All in all I wish I noticed your cheat for The Division sooner. Loved every bit of it! Thanks!
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    Thank you for this great review!
    Very glad to hear you like our Division cheat! I have yet gotten into Survival PVP part of the game and as far as I know we're missing some new crates which should be added soon.
    As for the team checks... I will have to check it in game and report to SystemFiles about it.
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