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    The best of the best

    So I just joined SYSTEAMCHEATS like 5 hours ago or something, wasnt too sure if I wanted to buy the IW cheat since the game is new and I just got it.
    Ended up buying the cheat and it was the best idea I've had.

    1- Super simple and described guide on how to install the loader
    2-Ingame overlay isnt lagging, really easy to set up, and alot of stuff that you can change (Color of esp, color the menu, show friendly,etc)
    3-Aimbot has alot of settings to make it look legit, smooth settings, etc
    4-ESP has alot of options like 3d to 2d esp, show only ennemies, show grenades, etc
    5-The cheat is super cheap compare to other website that I wont name that got me ban in bo3 after one game, saying the cheat was undetected, I didnt had to put 20$ but only 10.95$
    6-The support is great, I had a problem with the cheat, looked abit in the support section and ended up finding the problem and fixing it in 2 sec
    7-Not ban after couple of match (I got ban after one game in bo3 with another cheat seller)
    8-10/10 I will definitely look into more cheats from this web

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    Thank you for the detailed review "mystiepony"
    Glad you decided to choose us and glad that you're not disappointed.
    I wish you warm welcome to SystemCheats and pleasant stay.
    By purchasing IW, you also got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, so if you are playing that,
    you will be satisfied for getting 2 cheats for price of the one
    If you do need any further help, please make a thread under IW section if it's cheat related, and our staff will gladly help you out!
    Happy cheating!

    Best Regards,

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    Glad you like our cheats and thank you for the positive review. We appreciate it and I am sure future customers will appreciate it too!

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    Good feedback but nextime try to chose some better colors for the text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s1lent View Post
    Good feedback but nextime try to chose some better colors for the text.
    Indeed, a person with red/green colour blindness would have problems

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