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    Review about the SKILL SF 2 cheat

    I already have done a review about this cheat. In my last review I was pointing out that all functions of the cheat work perfectly, that you can customize the cheat very well and that the downtime of the cheat is EXTREMELY low. So in case of an cheat detection or game update the cheat also gets updated very fast (according to my experience in very few hours or maximum one day. If it takes longer it is definitly an exception). On top of that this cheat provider freezes your subscription during the downtime, so you don't loose any money if the cheat is down.

    Now in this review I also want to point out other things, namely the fact that this cheat is excellent for playing legit or at least in a way that it can't be proven that you cheat.

    I have 2 Lieutenant Colonel accounts now (beside several smaller ranked accounts). On those accounts I started cheating since the very first time I played there. And I use aimbot settings, which allow me to play like a pro. The enemy teams often call me out to be a cheater, report me and send videos to the support of gameforge. I guess if only the half of mthe players who claimed to send videos to the support, the support should already have a series of frag movies from both of my high ranked accounts. Nevertheless, I have never been banned for cheating using the "legit" settings. I call it legit, because you can set the aimbot in a way that you can't see any aimbot movements. On top of that you can specify the aimbot angle so low, that the aimbot vhits the player if you are either on it or only very few millimeters away from the body. Nobody can really see that, nobody of my team ever called me ot for cheating, because I hit the enemy although my crosshair was a millimeter awayfrom the body, and the killcam is totally useless for seeing that, because it is bugged.
    Beside the aimbot also the ESP is good, which gives you the necessary information about the enemy. If you learn to doublecheck the information you get from the ESP with the information you get from sound and other infos(like places where your teammates die, the minimap), you get a good overview over the battleground (the ESP helps me to interpret the sounds better ).

    So to put it in a nutshell the cheat works excellent, with the right settings you can play like a pro, but nobody can see something which would proof that you are cheating.
    Therefore I would recommand this cheat to everybody who wants to cheat in a legit way.
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    Thank you for taking your time to write such a review, we appreciate it.

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