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    Battlefield 4 Review

    Hello Systemcheats community, I'm here to write my very own review about Battlefield 4 cheat.

    Anyways, let's start. (I'm pretty tired when I'm typing this.)

    Usability (10/10)
    Loading the cheat, and getting started is guided very accurately and SystemCheats even offers a tool to check if you got f.e UAC enabled. Loader itself is damn clear, and at least I survived without facing any problems. I'm quite sure, that anyone else will do the same.

    Features (10/10)
    Well, features are like they should be. I haven't met any bugs or any problems with this product. Features are easy setup / change and menu is clear enough. Even though it's simple esp, it has few misc. features which doesn't affect to your gameplay that much, but at least I like to see my FPS / TIME in-game. I don't see any reason why SystemCheats should add any other features in their cheat, because of fairfight. Simple ESP should be enough, it gives you already way too good advantage if you're able to aim.

    Safety (X/10)
    I have been using the cheat just for 2-3 days now, and It's hard to say about the detection rate of this cheat. I personally believe that SystemCheats won't get detected anytime soon. Don't forget the fact, that you're able to get banned in Battlefield 4 even though, the cheat itself would be undetected. You're able to get banned just for cheating extremely obviously, which I find hard with ESP in game like Battlefield since the maps are so big and there are servers size of 64 players.

    Overall (10/10)
    Well, the Battlefield 4 / all the products of SystemCheats are damn good for their price. Only about 10€ a month, It's even less now since the summer sales. So, they're completely worth it. Features and usage of the cheat are damn simple and user friendly. I'd love to see SystemCheats community to grow, and get more users for this kind of cheats. Special thanks to lead of the SystemCheats, they're doing awesome job.
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    Thank you for taking your time to make a wonderful review, we appreciate wen customers do reviews like your's.
    I hope you stay with us for a long time.
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    Thank you buddy for this amazing review.
    Glad you're being a part of us, we could not do it without you guys!!
    About detection rate, i believe our BF4 wasn't detected since it got released (not 100% sure, but i know in last year and half it wasn't at all).

    Best Regards,
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    Thank you for the review. We appreciate the kind words. And the cheat indeed has not been detected since release.
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