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    CS:GO Cheat Review

    Before I start this review I'd like to state I've been trying a lot of cheats on a lot of websites, And I have nothing to do with this website beside being a customer.

    So let's start with
    Support and Installation :
    I've had no problem with running the cheat, beside two little personal problems.
    My anti-virus kept giving me problems, deleting the cheat and warning me the website is malicious.
    Beside this which happens with most paid-cheats nothing very hard with installing the cheat and running it.
    Like I always do I tried to get support for anything I could think of just to test out the customer support, and someone got to me on Team Speak 3 within less then four minutes.
    Now let's go with the cheat it-self and how user-friendly it is.
    The menu is very easy to learn, I had almost no problem with setting the cheat to my desire using the support I got.
    Support and Installation rating : 10/10, I honestly wish there were more topics about anti-viruses explaining how to make specific viruses ignore this amazing cheat, Although I already know why this happens I wish this topic was more open to the public.
    Wallhacks[3DRADAR] :
    The Wallhack isn't perfect although it still gives you what you need, I've reviewed over 40 different CS:GO cheats and I have to say this one falls above 95% of them, the wallhack won't let you see the whole map and sometimes not all enemies will pop up but you still have the advantage over the noobs.
    Wallhack rating : A fat 8/10.
    Detection :
    This is the most important part of every single CS:GO Cheat, Is it VAC detected, and after playing with this cheat over a month I have to say it isn't, although there wasn't a BAN WAVE yet, this cheat holds to it's ground and goes on top all of the other cheats on the market, GREAT JOB!.
    Detection rating : Solid 10/10.
    Overall systemcheat and systembot rating : 9/10, Didn't have any major issues with the website nor with the cheat.
    I apologize if the colors confuse you and make your eyes hurt, This is my template for every review I do.

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    Wow, thank you very much for taking time making this second great review!
    We really appreciate it.

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    Hey man, first of all I'd like to say thank you for the detailed review, I am glad you are enjoying our stuff and staff ,

    Regarding your Problem:

    Quote Originally Posted by dixon View Post
    Wallhacks[3DRADAR] :
    The Wallhack isn't perfect [...] the wallhack won't let you see the whole map and sometimes not all enemies will pop up but you still have the advantage over the noobs.
    This happens with every single cheat being out there, due to a Patch from Valve that they brought out about 9.5 months ago, limiting the PVS and by that making it impossible to develop a so called "far ESP" in CS:GO, this is basicly why you can not see enemies that are far away.

    Spoiler for Csgo Update lmiting the PVS:
    Quote Originally Posted by Psychopath View Post
    What it has to do with the cheat then?
    In short, as you can read above about "Occlusion culling" It's not allowing the models to render in a specific distance.
    Which means the game itself won't render players that are far from a distance specified in pvs_min_player_distance.

    So to answer all of your questions...
    This is a serverside convar and there is no possible fix. [...]

    Best regards and thanks for taking the time to check our Cheat out!

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    Thank you for your detailed review. We appreciate it and I am sure any potential customers will appreciate it.

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