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    black ops 3 one day review

    first of i'd just like to point out this is normal for most loaders but they usually do not create a temp file if any coder/admin wanna explain that please go ahead, this also came up but still that normal whit most cheats.

    anyways to the review.
    only used BO3 cheat so far so everything will be based on bo3

    Advantages of Systemcheats:

    its easy to install and the SC help exe keeps track on what you need to update
    the price is great most companies charge around 20 dollars for a bo3 cheat 30 days while system cheats did 10 bucks for 30 days om black ops 3
    there is a one day test so you can decide if you wanna pay a pull month or more.

    Disadvantages of Systemcheats:

    as stated in the top mbam and avg both detects it but that is normal for mot cheat programs due to injectors etc but i'd still be careful.
    as far ass i saw there was no detection list so i could see a history of what cheats have been detected and when

    The features of the Black Ops 3 cheat:

    basic template for cheats you see it in most cheats, low resolution on the letters and numbers, a little clunky and some options that are not really necessary, but its not a bad template and most of it is understandable.


    from what i saw there was no psilent option witch should be necessary for most cheats
    it was a good lock-on but not really smooth should probably only be used for ragecheating

    3/10 for legit cheating, 8/10 for ragecheating

    2D Radar and Misc:
    basic template radar but it worked fine it updated correctly

    used it whit some snipers and worked well for closet cheating it shot when it was supposed to but i'd love some wallbanging settings (choose how thick of a surface you want the triggerbot to wallbang is)


    Wallhack/3d radar:

    it was simple and worked well it updated instantly and was always on target, nothing to complain about.

    A few last words:

    the hack is great for rage hacking, its lacking in closet hacking due to no psilent but the wallhack works great so if you wanna closet cheat id recommend only using wallhack and triggerbot.

    i'd love to see the template updated and more compact and psilent, due to having to turn off anti virus is also recommend fixing the detection

    would i buy it again?
    if i wanted bo3 cheats a would defiantly buy from here again but i'd like to hear form some staff about the detection before i buy a full month

    would i recommend it?
    yes its a great price and it does what its supposed to do

    kinda used template of hope he does not mind :smile:

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    Thank you for taking your time writing this really long review!
    We always appreciate that.
    About your antivirus scan, take a look at this thread:
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    Thanks for your kind review.

    We can assure you that our loader is not anything close to trojan/virus.
    Malwarebytes started to detect it recently (2 weeks ago)

    if i wanted bo3 cheats a would defiantly buy from here again but i'd like to hear form some staff about the detection before i buy a full month
    We had one detection, but it wasn't because BO3, it was because of the loader.
    Our CoD's doesn't get detected, that was probably the first time i can remember.
    But also remember, that all cheats are undetected, but not undetectable. Which they can be detected in future (close or far future), nobody can predict that.
    I hope you find your answer in my post.

    Best Regards,

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    I think that temporary file is the unzipped loader executable. There is no virus in our software. I am currently trying to figure out a good solution to the false positives we have been receiving lately. Thank you for your review, we really appreciate it.
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