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    S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 Review

    Before I start this review I'd like to state I've been trying a lot of cheats on a lot of websites, And I have nothing to do with this website beside being a customer.

    So let's start with
    Support and Installation :
    I've had no problem with running the cheat, beside two little personal problems.
    My anti-virus kept giving me problems, deleting the cheat and warning me the website is malicious, I'm gonna make assumptions and wait for answers about this.
    Beside this which happens with most paid-cheats nothing very hard with installing the cheat and running it.
    Like I always do I tried to get support for anything I could think of just to test out the customer support, and someone got to me on Team Speak 3 within less then four minutes.
    Now let's go with the cheat it-self and how user-friendly it is.
    The menu is very easy to learn, Although it has a lot of useless settings, I had almost no problem with setting the cheat to my desire using the support I got.
    Support and Installation rating : 8/10, I honestly wish there were more topics about anti-viruses explaining the detections, Although I already know why this happens I wish this topic was more open to the public.
    Wallhacks[3DRADAR] :
    The Wallhack played perfectly, The settings let me adjust what I want to see and what I don't.
    Wallhack rating : Solid 10/10.
    Aimbot/Triggerbot :

    All the settings and options I needed were there, Smooth aim, Silent aim, Aim on key, Choosing a bone to target, literally couldn't ask for a better Aimbot then this, For the accuracy I had every shot that was supposed to be hit, hit every time.
    Triggerbot played nicely with a small delay and a precise shot it made it look perfect and real.
    Aimbot/Triggerbot rating : 8/10,Aimbot missed shots now and then, Usually happens with silent aim on.
    Misc and Detection :
    No recoil and No spread worked perfect, Didn't really see why use any other options, Draw FPS is nice to have but these are the important ones here and they had no problem.
    For detection I've had no problems, didn't get a single anti-cheat error and the cheat worked perfect, this will be edited if something happens (Doesn't usually happen).
    Misc and Detection rating : Solid 10/10.
    Overall systemcheat and systembot rating : 9/10, Didn't have any major issues with the website nor the cheat, I will be posting a CS:GO Review if I get access to the cheat in the next month.
    I apologize if the colors confuse you and make your eyes hurt, This is my template for every review I do.
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    Thank you for you nice Review!

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    Thanks a lot for this beautiful and colorful review!
    We all really appreciate your time and effort writing it.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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    Thank you for the wonderful review. I am still thinking of a proper solution to the false positives from anti-virus software while still having the same safety regarding anti-cheats. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
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    Thanks for review mate, glad you're the one of the happy customers/users.
    We are glad having your as a part of our community.
    Merry Christmas
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