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    Thanks for KF 2 Cheat

    First off, as a first time user, i could say that the service is outstanding. I didn't get any issues purchasing the cheat.

    As for the cheat itself. it's well worth it. All features work smoothly. One of the reasons why I purchased this cheat is because the game is in some way already cheating to the players with the zed teleportation which is very frustrating on high levels. With this cheat, it helps me find out where the zeds are and it greatly helps me avoiding being trapped in a corner.

    To wrap up, I'm very happy and satisfied with the cheat and I want to thank the creator and the people behind this awesome site. Merry Christmas!

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    Hello there!

    First of all thanks for this generous review, stuff like this always cheers us up.
    And thanks for taking the time to write a review.

    Enjoy while it lasts Merry Christmas.

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    WOW, thanks for the review buddy. Finally somebody who say "cheat" and not "hack"
    Glad you're enjoying playing with our cheat.Thanks for being a satisfied part of our community.
    Merry Christmas buddy, to you and your family.

    Best Regards,

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