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    Ive been banned from systemcheat.

    Hey I'm trying to log into systemcheat but it's telling me that i'm banned from system.

    "Logging in...
    You have been permanently banned from our system."

    I don't know what i did wrong to get banned from system cheat.

    I think i have right to know the reason for being banned OR un-ban me man

    This is total bs

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    Please read our Terms of Service ( It states the following:

    "If you are from the following list or a known association or agent, you may not access this website any further without express permission from the owners of SystemCheats; any anti-cheat organization or any other gaming related companies such as Evenbalance, Valve, Activision, Electronic Arts, Hi-Rez Studios, Ijji, Nexon, nProtect, Wellbia, GamersFirst, Nether LLC or an agent of any other gaming network."

    Since you are working for Wellbia, otherwise known as XIGNCODE, we have banned you from our website and services.

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