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    BO3 Quick Questions

    Hey guys, I've been a bit skeptical coming back to these public cheats, I spent quite a bit of money on a 'semi-private' cheat for CS:GO. I haven't been feeling like playing CS:GO so I decided to go back and play some COD.

    Was the cheat ever detected for BO2?
    I'm not too familiar with TAC, is it like Overwatch but only staff members from Treyarch make the decision? If I play legit and not rage hack, will that be detected by TAC?


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    Hey there,
    TAC3 is a combination of FairFight (Stats based + Internal checks) and Overwatch (Every match is being recorded)
    If you go and play rage in a multiplayer yes, you will be banned at some point. No doubts there.
    As long as you act/play legit and won't go beyond the "normal" you should be good.

    So TAC3 Anti-cheat is something that you should worry the most, it's your own mistakes and playstyle.
    VAC3 is on our end. as you may know there is no way to figure out that the cheat is detected besides being banned by it. that's why we always say the same thing.
    Our cheats are not undetectable, at some point you have to realize that it might get detected, nobody can predict when.
    We're not going to lie and say bla bla bla our cheat 100% guaranteed to be undetected like most sites do, that's all false.
    It's a risk that you take.
    So far I've been playing with my settings without any problems. (Which can be found here)

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