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    One day trial slightly misleading?

    On the one day trial page it claims that it's a trial that gives you access to all available cheats, for the day, for $2.45. Since Star Wars battlefield is an available cheat, I assumed I'd get a day of that as well(the only reason I got the trial package) but unfortunately it wasn't there. There is a link on the one day trial page that takes you to the list of available cheats, which star wars battlefront was listed on.

    Was this an oversight maybe? Or did I burn myself by reading some misleading wording/links? @[email protected]

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    This may have been a oversight, I will have a admin to look into this.

    Get your name on this I think there is room.

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    We already announced it that SW BF is available to full package customers only.
    But you can get it for free until beta lasts. Only thing you need to do is make a post *here* and say you want the cheat. And admin will give SW BF to your subscription when he reads it.

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