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Thread: About BO2

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    About BO2

    Hello...i m interesting about cod bo2 hack and want to know if the cheat is still active.Also , is there aimbot @cheat cause in cheats page didnt c any aimbot options.
    Last but not least how safe it is ? I c that offers some anticheats but does it really works? Sorry for too much questions but i already use some cheats from other providers
    and had accounts banned in less than 24 hours ( i have 4 bo2 banned in my desk ) but know i only have my main steam account and dont want to risk it.
    Thx a lot

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    Hi ssfassfe!

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is active.

    Sadly from what I can see there is no aimbot on this cheat. All the features can be viewed here.

    How safe is it? It's undetected at this time but that can change at any time.

    Also, never be sorry for asking questions! We are more then happy to answer them.

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