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Thread: Minimum Hacks?

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    Minimum Minimum Hacks?

    Hi so i'm back for my 3rd sub to this website and i can say it is amazing but i got a couple questions again for you staff/admins.
    1.) Does minimum hack have an anti-cheat system?
    2.) Do any files get saved into my registry? (looking to hack on my main partition on main account)

    I know you admins answer straight to the point no bull****.

    Thanks again

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    1. There is no Anti-cheat for Minimum. The only way of banning somebody would be manually checking the stats and determine if he's a cheater or not. so all bans handled manually.
    2. No, there is nothing saved in your registry nor your computer logs besides the loader itself and the config files.

    It's all up to you and the way you play with our cheat.
    If you'll be very noticeable as a cheater then you might end up banned but, if you decide to play legit and act like a "good" player then there is nothing to be worried about.

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