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Thread: Idea for the Loader and for ALL hacks

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    Idea for the Loader and for ALL hacks


    I got some ideas if you're on LAN or if you're with your friend/s.

    1. Maybe you can add a "silent load" so that's easier to hack on lans or if you're with friends. Ex.: You put on the settings or the hack menu on On so that will load at the next time in the silent load mode.
    2. More fov options Ex.: 1,2,3,4,5, etc... so that's looks more legit.
    3. Is it possible to put the hack in the mouse hardware? So that you can cheat if you have ONLY your MOUSE with you in LANs and if you're with friends.

    For CF (I know it's not right area):
    Triggerbot delay is bugging.
    If I have the delay example on 150ms the first shot is always after 10ms so it looks like you have ESP/Wallhack on or you prefire.
    And if I'm triggerboting now with sniper it's not like rapid fire anymore

    Edit: I got a Idea for the warning system (only beep function) too but I read that the coder is busy atm so I post it later.

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