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    DB Steam - Can I use my "hack acnt" on the same PC/Copy of Steam as my Legit acnt?

    I'm considering purchasing the Dirty Bomb Hack so I can troll some of the existing hackers in the game from time to time when they get to cocky. Fight Fire with Fire!

    But before I purchase it I wanted to ask a question about Steam, as I play Dirty Bomb through steam.

    If the account I made specifically for using the Dirty Bomb Hack gets banned, will it also effect my Legit Account? That is is there some sort of ID# associated with the Install of Steam that would be shared by the two separate accounts? Sort of like a Mac Address say on a NIC?

    I realize if I'm to blatant with the hacks there is a good chance the account could be banned, and that is fine, I just don't want to jeopardize the 150+ hours I've put into my Legit Dirtybomb/Steam account.

    Oh a second question.

    Does the Hack allow me to target a specific enemy player? Say Wall hack but only that 1 person not the entire enemy team, and set say a Trigger Bot to only work on that one target?

    That way I'm not trolling anyone else but the Trolly Troll that deserves to be Counter-Trolled.
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    Yes. You can play DB on Steam. XIGN-Code will does not have the ability to ban your steam account.

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    /Moved to correct section.

    The only way to get banned is to get reported alot or manually by a GM. So the chances of getting banned are really low. And, if you get banned, it will only be the account that you cheated on that will be banned.

    For your second question, you can set up to 6 Friendly/Enemy filter slots in the cheat menu to choose who you want the aimbot to target or to not target.

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